Cybersecurity Analyst,


Mahdi Mohamed B.

But also a.k.a MMB, 0xb33f, 0xdeadbeef, 0xbadbeef...

# whoami

From Tunisia, 25 y.o., based in Dubai, UAE.
I speak: English, Arabic, French (in that order)
An ambitious entrepreneur in tech field, with a wide technical background ranging from dev to cybersecurity. I started at a very early age, I'm a highly active person, I've been part of a lot of projects through the years, I traveled to 15 countries and I'm an activist/hacktivist. Today, I spend more than 12h a day working (Don't tell my doctor shhtt), I dream big and I try to achieve my dreams 😁 I spend my time managing my business, in the gym or working as a cybersecurity analyst or a developer.

# more experience.txt

I have lots of experience, you'll have to trust me on that, i'm too lazy to type it down.

# more travelling.txt

Between 2017 and 2019, I travelled to 15 countries :
USA, Canada, Most of europe, Japan, Hongkong...
The purpose was to discover cultures, meet people, and be part of the global hacking community. I visited DefCon 2018, RightsCon 2018 and RightsCon 2019 and a lot more.

# more activism.txt

I believe in data privacy, I believe in one's ownership of their data, I'm a FOSS supporter and most of the software I use on my setup is open source. Cryptocurrency are also something I support but their main form, I do not participate in any hype around their prices or value, (No NFTs please).

# more skills.txt

This is a list of some of the things that I know, but it's not limited to:
- Wireless testing and manual packet inspection
- Manual and automated web testing
- Vulnerability scanning
- Reverse Engineering
- Malware analysis
- Confident in Python, PHP (Laravel Framework), Javascript & C++
Soft skills that I people say I have (and I believe them) : Confidence, Public speaking, Team leadership, project management, strong verbal communication, extremely organized and I'm a fast learner

basically I hack life, and i kick a**

Anyway, if you would like to chat, hit me at [email protected]

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